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Purpose & Practice by Denis Burke

Purpose & Practice lays out tools of incalculable value to anyone interested in getting really good at what they do, whatever that may be. These are tools, some little known, of mental approach from the art, science and philosophy of Aikido. This book reveals some revolutionary ideas behind the art and the links between its extraordinary physical results and practices of “Mind”, all of which adds up to a blueprint as applicable to organisations as it is for individuals.

Aikido is often justifiably seen as one of the most impenetrable martial arts, largely because people so often experience it, even for many years, without knowing some of its core elements, which have all too often been forgotten, obscured or unknown. Purpose & Practice is a challenging book that fills in some of these essential gaps while helping the reader accelerate his or her progress and development.

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The Admired List

An exercise for re-connecting with your true nature, direction, vital energy and what's fundamentally of most importance to you. This is a powerful step towards alignment in personal direction between mind and body; or as some say, head, heart and guts. Nothing is served by being less than we can be.

This exercise is designed to get those using it to a threshold, with ready access to the resources they'll need, should they decide to accept the challenges they find there. Some of us come back to it, time and time again. As one of our Teacher Training students put it, “The whole programme would have been worth it just for this exercise.”

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We’re now making some more in-depth online programmes to be made available to Virtual Dojo Members in our Premium Virtual Dojo. Three programmes: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, will cover Live Relaxation, Active Relaxation and Dynamic Relaxation respectively. All three Programmes will include videos, learning materials and practices. Together they lead to 3rd Dan skill levels we’ve helped International Athletes work towards.

Our Relaxation Technique programmes will also be available at discounted rates through Isshinkai Membership

This is one of the views from our physical Dojo. Come and visit for real sometime!

This is one of the views from our physical Dojo. Come and visit for real sometime!

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