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Dynamic Relaxation Technique


Secret Practice

Just remember there are no known limits of human potential. Keep it real, and give it a go.

What is Dynamic Relaxation Technique?

Have you ever noticed that some people are relaxing and energising to be around, while others can be a bit tiring?  It’s not only about whether you like them, it’s something about the way they are.  

We humans are social beings with far more mutual influence than we’d probably like to admit.  Just as we rarely notice the air we breathe; we affect each other more than we’re often aware.  

What effect do you have on the people around you

Learning Dynamic Relaxation Technique can not only have a deeply positive effect on your own state of mind and body, but also on those you spend time with.  So, it can bring significant benefits at work, at home and in whatever you like to spend your spare time doing.  It can boost more than just your own performance; it can lift other people’s as well, and support emotional equilibrium and resilience. 

So, what is Dynamic Relaxation Technique?

Passive, Active and Dynamic Relaxation

Passive Relaxation is when you chill out, rest, take time out, de-stress or do something that relaxes you because it’s a change from daily stresses and strains.  It’s when you stop to relax.  Many approaches to Relaxation work on this basis.  It’s all good, and you may make a conscious decision to do it, but that’s not the same as deliberately applying relaxation technique in action.

Active Relaxation is applying a set of techniques and principles to relax while you’re doing stuff, be it work or play, mental or physical.  It’s a proactive approach to Relaxation that actually makes you more powerful and effective.  You might still take time out to learn the techniques and develop the skills, refresh the process or get on top of things, but with Active Relaxation, you’ll be deliberately and habitually melting tension away as it arises. As your skill develops it becomes as natural and unconscious as breathing.

Dynamic Relaxation is when you can adjust the intensity of your Active Relaxation, and your level of alertness, at will, to match the demands of changing situations and circumstances.  In effect it’s the skill of dynamically relaxing under pressure and at rest. Dynamic Relaxation and fast, high-intensity activity, or decisive action, are not at all incompatible.  Dynamic Relaxation Technique can be used to maximise peak performance and then recover quickly.

Dynamic Relaxation is a bit like having full control of the revs when you drive, and of what gear you’re in, and at the same time, having fine control of a well-balanced set of breaks and clear sight of where you’re going. 

Developed over many years, Dynamic Relaxation Technique has its roots in Aikido and is an integral part of Isshinkai Aikido.

Once we’ve released a series of Free courses and learning resources, we’ll make some more in-depth online programmes available to Virtual Dojo Members in our Premium Virtual Dojo. Advanced Dynamic Relaxation Technique programmes will also be available at discounted rates through Isshinkai Membership

This is one of the views from our physical Dojo. Come and visit for real sometime!

This is one of the views from our physical Dojo. Come and visit for real sometime!

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