And we look forward to welcoming you on the mat.

If you feel nervous about coming to a class, whether children’s, youth’s or adult’s, we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Within Isshinkai, the more experienced a person is, the more he or she will look after you, and the more fun you’ll have practising with him or her. You can be assured we take your safety and wellbeing seriously, and will look after you.



Our Teachers

Martin Sanderson Sensei, 2nd Dan  Children & Youth

Martin Sanderson Sensei, 2nd Dan

Children & Youth

Annie Willens Sensei, 4th Dan

Annie Willens Sensei, 4th Dan

Denis Burke Sensei Isshinkai Founder  Head Teacher

Denis Burke Sensei Isshinkai Founder

Head Teacher



Andover Aikido Club is based at Isshinkai Headquarters Dojo in Fyfield near Andover in Hampshire.  You’ll see road signs pointing to the “Aikido Centre”, which is also known as “Isshinkan”.   It’s the Dojo of Isshinkai’s Founder and Head Teacher.

The Andover Aikido Club is our local branch for Isshinkai Aikido and has been serving the community in the region for over 25 years.  Isshinkai Aikido was founded in 2000 at the Andover Aikido Club, and not long after, established at Isshinkan. 

We have separate weekly Classes for Adults, Children and Youths and Supervised Practice Sessions, and of course the luxury of a permanent, dedicated, real Dojo surrounded by fields and gardens.


Classes and Practice Times


Tuesday Classes:  7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.  -  Beginners Welcome!

Our main Adults General Class, which is the class you’ll attend as an Adult Beginner, is on Tuesday evenings and is taught by Isshinkai Founder, Denis Burke Sensei. 

Look out also for our free Introductory Taster Sessions, which we run from time to time on the same evening:  Very useful to give you a flying start, but not absolutely necessary if you want to start straight away - just come along next Tuesday and join in.

For the best possible start, why not join us on a Weekend Course? Find them on our events page, on the community menu.

Thursday Practice - By Invitation - Members Only:  7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

Once members are beginning to get the hang of things, they‘re invited to attend Thursday Practice, provided they still attend classes regularly.  Thursday Practice is supervised by a high-grade or Teacher.  Within the rules of safety and etiquette, this session offers a bit of freedom to experiment and practise stuff learned in class.  It's when we make practice our own; while there’s always help on hand if needed. In Isshinkai, everyone practises at least as much as the amount of time they spend being taught.  Later, more experienced members are encouraged also to use the Dojo at other times when it is available for Andover Aikido Club Members' personal practice.

Children and Youths

Children's and Youth Aikido Classes are held on Friday evenings during school term-time.

Children Aged 5 – 12:  Friday 5.40pm - 6.40pm

Youths Aged 12-18:   Friday 6.50pm to 7.50pm

Terms follow school term dates.

Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For children or youths under the age of 16 we require a parent of guardian to watch at least one class before enrolment.

16-18 year olds may attend Tuesday evening classes on an Under 25 Membership if they prefer.



Trial Period and Joining 

Up to 3 attendances as a Guest are allowed within a four week period, after which Membership is a requirement. 

You can join Isshinkai (Association) at any time without being a member of one of its Clubs. 

Club-Membership is conditional on the Member maintaining valid Isshinkai Membership. 

Isshinkai Membership Subscription is paid once a year. 

Please see Isshinkai Membership subscriptions here.    


Adult Club-Membership Fees are due Annually, and can be paid monthly as a concession. 

Club-Membership Fees cover weekly Tuition and Practice Sessions provided by the Club, and use of the Dojo at times when it is available for the Club.  In effect, Club-Membership means a person's long-term development and wellbeing in Isshinkai Aikido is considered and looked after as a responsibility of the Club's Teaching Staff.  Fulfilling this responsibility will involve formal teaching during classes, and lots of additional less formal help and support, some of which may not at first be nearly as obvious.  Being a Club-Member means having a "Sensei", and lineage..

Club Membership fees do not cover events run by the Association (Isshinkai), outside the weekly timetable of the Club, some of which are held at Isshinkan.  Club Sessions do not take place on Bank Holidays or during Isshinkai Seminars, such as Summer School, wherever they are held.

Isshinkai Aikido is about building a better future.  Our mission is to help good people develop; for a better future.  So, we believe in supporting the young, because they are the future.  The young and the older have a lot to offer each other through working and practising together.

Club Membership Subscriptions are determined by age group:

Elder - Born Before 1980      £960 per Annum - £80 per Calendar Month or £880 in advance.    Visitor/Guest £20 per Class

Adult - Over 25                   £600 per Annum - £50 per Calendar Month or £550 in advance     Visitor/Guest £12.50 per Class

Young Adult - Under 25       £360 per Annum - £30 per Calendar Month or £330 in advance      Visitor/Guest £7.50 per Class

Children and Youths

Child and Youth Club-Membership Fees are due at the start of each Term - Please speak to a member of our Teaching Staff.

Club Youth-Membership 12-18 attending Youth Class:  £40 per term.  

Club Child-Membership 5-14 attending Childrens Class: £30 per term.

Adults Payment Options

Visitor/Guest fees for individual Classes are paid in cash before the Class.

You can download a Standing Order Form for Adult Membership Subscriptions here. 

It can be printed out, or used to provide the information for setting up a Standing Order via online banking.

Or you can pay online by Card or PayPal here:

Adult Membership Subscriptions

What to wear



Off the mat we wear Zori ( slippers ), and we’re careful not to bring grit or dirt onto it.  We wear a white kit very much like Judo kit, however if you’re coming to give it a try to see if you want to join, we won’t expect you to have kit yet.

Just bring a clean set of clothes to change into at the dojo. You'll be practising on a clean mat and we don't want to bring clothes we've been wearing in the street, or all day, onto it. 

Shorts are not advisable.  Neither are clothes that constrict movement, or track suits with zips on the legs or sleeves.  Long sleeved tops are recommended.

We have secure changing rooms where you can safely leave your things during the class.


Where to go


Aikido Centre, Duncans Close


Nr. Andover, Hampshire

SP11 8EJ


Contact us

Phone: 01264 773971 - leave a message


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