Classes and Practice Times


To give it a go, or join the class, come along for 7.10 p.m. on Tuesday.

Tuesday Class:  7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.  -  Beginners Welcome!

Thursday Practice - Members Only:  7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

Special Training, Private Lessons, Monthly High Grade Class - Members Only

Children and Youth

Children Aged 5 – 12:  Friday 5.40pm - 6.40pm

Youths Aged 12-18:   Friday 6.50pm to 7.50pm

“We are what we repeatedly do.”

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Economy Membership £30 per Month - access to weekly Tuesday Classes Single Class Rate £8

Silver Membership £45 per Month - access to weekly Tuesday Classes and Thursday Practice

Gold Membership £80 per Month - access to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Special Training

Andover Aikido Club Membership is conditional on annual Isshinkai Membership - the Fee for which includes all Grading Fees up to 1st Kyu (the one before black belt).

By Standing Order - no banking charge

Pdf: Bank Details / Standing Order Form

By Direct Debit - no banking charge

Economy Silver Gold

Adult Membership Subscriptions

Children and Youths

Children and Youth Class Fees are paid per Term or for the number of classes remaining in their 1st Term.

The first Class attended is Free. Some children like to watch for a while and join in when they see the fun.

Youths Aged 12-18:  £60 per term.  £6 per Class

Children Aged 5-14: £50 per term. £5 per Class

By Bank Transfer - no banking charges

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Youth & Junior Term Subscription

“There is no better way to avoid wasting time than to be taught properly from the start”

The depth of our know-how is at our core

As an Adult Member at Isshinkan, you’ll be taught on a weekly basis by one of the most experienced Teachers in Aikido; an apprentice-served, 4th & 3rd generation Aikido Teacher with 40 Years Experience, who founded the Andover Aikido Club 25 years ago and was awarded 7th Dan (Japan) in 2004

Isshinkan and the Andover Ki Trust

Isshinkan is provided and supported by the Andover Ki Trust, Registered Educational Charity No. 1061929, assisted by many hours given by volunteers, which enables us to offer unequaled value at low cost. We embrace the highest standards of professionalism while remaining friendly, welcoming, respectful and as accessible to all as possible. With this in mind, we are an independant organisation subscribing to the MAGB and are not members of the British Aikido Board. Our Members’ Safety is even more important to us than our reputation, which we value highly. If you’d like to support this work with a donation you are most welcome to do so here, thank you!


What to wear

Off the mat we wear Zori ( slippers ), and we’re careful not to bring grit or dirt onto it.  We wear a white kit very much like Judo kit, however if you’re coming to give it a try to see if you want to join, we won’t expect you to have kit yet.

Just bring a clean set of clothes to change into at the dojo. You'll be practising on a clean mat and we don't want to bring clothes we've been wearing in the street, or all day, onto it. 

Shorts are not advisable.  Neither are clothes that constrict movement, or track suits with zips on the legs or sleeves.  Long sleeved tops are recommended.

We have secure changing rooms where you can safely leave your things during the class.





Our Teachers

Martin Sanderson Sensei, 2nd Dan  Children & Youth

Martin Sanderson Sensei, 2nd Dan

Children & Youth

Annie Willens Sensei, 4th Dan

Annie Willens Sensei, 4th Dan

Denis Burke Sensei Isshinkai Founder  Head Teacher

Denis Burke Sensei Isshinkai Founder

Head Teacher


“Our mission is to put you in the driver-seat of your life”

Isshinkan Entrance

Where to go


Aikido Centre, Duncans Close


Nr. Andover, Hampshire

SP11 8EJ


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