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Isshinkai is an international community of people who share a belief in the principles of Isshinkai Aikido, and in their value when applied in life, for the greater good.  All of us practise these principles in some way.  Some simply support what Isshinkai does, and many of us root our study in the regular practice of Isshinkai Aikido. 

We offer a range of Memberships to reflect this diversity, including Mat-Memberships and Off-the-Mat-Memberships.

Those of us who hold Mat-Memberships look on our study and practice as a form of further education: the learning, in a non-haphazard way, of some of the most important skills not often learnt effectively in schools, colleges and universities.

If you want to experience Isshinkai Aikido with us, we offer 3 classes (within a 4 week period of your first class) as a visitor or guest. You are under no obligation to join Isshinkai during this period. There's also a schedule of events and courses on our Events Page

The trial period, during which you can attend as a Guest, is to give you a chance to find out if Isshinkai Aikido is for you. After that you will be asked to join the Isshinkai Association.

To be an Isshinkai member, you don't have to be a member of an affiliated club, or attend regular classes. Some members occasionally attend Isshinkai courses or events.


Isshinkai organises...

Isshinkai organises and supports Isshinkai Aikido - and also offers training outside that context to share some of this value in other activities and life-challenges.  These include areas like sports performance, organisational development, personal development, career development, education and training development, mental health, energy and balance. 


Membership Fees

Isshinkai Membership Fees are due Annually, however some types of Membership allow for payment in installments.

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