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Anxiety - Breaking the Cycle

A one day course on taking control of Anxiety.
We are sharing powerful techniques, learnt from Aikido training, that you can easily take with you and use in daily life.
We offer the opportunity for you to:
• Understand more about mind and body, and how the two affect each other.
• Discover techniques for turning negative cycles into positive ones.
• Learn how to form lasting skills and positive habits.
• Explore different ways of energising yourself, and how to maintain them.
We’re offering the opportunity to learn these in a day, instead of taking 30 years to find them out!
These skills impact every area of our lives, here are just a few; increased performance at work, improving personal relationships, feeling content within yourself & discovering your creative side.
Join us for a fun day in kicking anxiety out of our lives and replacing it with #confidence and #balance and #positivity!

Earlier Event: June 24
Introductory Course
Later Event: July 22
Introductory Course