Children’s and Youth Classes


What will your child get from Isshinkai Aikido Classes?

Developing the instincts to Stay Safe, without becoming Fearful & Aggressive

Our Aikido is about greeting life with dynamism, and not settling for being a victim of circumstance, or aggression.

Positive and effective, while also being non-violent, our Aikido is tried and tested on every level. 

It’s not just a theory. We practise it too.

How it works

Movement is habit forming, and can be used to accelerate learning. 

The ethos behind a movement activity tends to find its way into people’s behaviour in other contexts, at other times.

A movement system can be a very powerful way to develop positive habits and learning skills, especially when it’s fun.

Our form of Aikido consists of movement that embodies certain values.

These values are applied technically, in practice, to turn them into skills.

Which means:

We Value and Actively Practise:



Which means we:

Act with Intellectual and Physical Curiosity

Love learning and practising creatively


So we:

Are mentally and physically present, alert, engaged and energised

Develop a lifelong love of learning and practising - to develop the skills and qualities to support us throughout life

Have physical Presence – being balanced, relaxed and mobile while not being a push-over

Welcome challenge – listen to and value other perspectives, with an ethos of co-creativity

Learn the skills to stay safe by neutralising violence, if we are confronted with it, without feeling a need to join in with it


Which means we:

Act with Intellectual and Physical Integrity

Can learn quickly from experience and stay healthy mentally


So we

Are mentally and physically in one piece, developing discernment and strong resilience - able to pick ourselves up and persevere

Reduce or eliminate negative or destructive habits that support living in fear and stress: – such as denial, resistance, anxiety, fear of failure and fear of confrontation

Develop courage and strength of character, alongside physical resilience and solidity 

Learn diplomacy – honesty doesn’t require us always to offer an opinion, but to say what we mean and mean what we say when we do

Develop the skills of relaxation that are the companions of: performance under pressure, and aspiration balanced with self-acceptance


Which means we:

Nurture self-esteem

Understand and value what we have to offer


So we:

Nurture our own self-esteem by practising generosity – thereby realising there is enough good in ourselves to share it

Nurture others’ self-esteem through our generosity of spirit and positive attitude

Strive to be all that we can be, thereby inspiring and giving permission to others to do the same

Look after ourselves and after our wellbeing, so we can be of maximum benefit to others

Can offer leadership when appropriate, without judging others too quickly, so we retain mobility and stay free to move with the situation

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Which means we:

Act with profound respect for our environment, for nature, for the minds and bodies of others, and for our own

Value what is passed-on to us, and what our actions will leave for those who come afterwards


So we:

Are aware of danger, where it is real, with a realistic sense of its power, while remaining able to move quickly and appropriately to stay safe

Understand boundaries and how to thrive amongst them

Are conscious of different cultures and are able to prosper in diversity

Value each other and others, for how we differ and for what we have in common

Are proud of the positive in our heritage and the footsteps in which we choose to follow

Are respectful where we once might have been afraid


Which means we:

Notice value, and acknowledge it whenever appropriate or practically possible

Embody a state of mind that will provide a solid foundation to mental health and resilience


So we:

Value what we receive, and feel richer for it

Tap into a vast inner resource that will help us maintain a healthy level of equanimity when needed

Measure success by what we gave in the achievement of a positive outcome for all, including ourselves

Appreciate and use to our advantage the guidance given to us to enable us to learn and progress

Gain a clear sense of our progress within that context, and of the abilities we acquire, from which we build sound confidence

Maximise the opportunities open to us


Children’s and Youth Classes are available at Isshinkan near Andover UK