Annie Willens Sensei

 Annie Willens, 4th Dan

Annie Willens, 4th Dan

After very inspirational and transformational Aikido training, I became an Aiki Exercise and Aikido teacher in 2005. 

I initially I took these disciplines out into the community – schools, youth centres, Andover Defense Logstics Operations,  Care homes,  Parkinson’s groups, Andover Stroke Group, Enham Alamein Centre for people with physical and learning disabilities, Andover VIPs (visually impaired), Andover Hard of hearing, Adult and Family learning centres, sheltered housing and a mother and baby group!  Together with Seb Martineau Sensei we took ‘Aikidrama’ to children and parents on local housing estates.

I was interested in offering techniques from Aikido, Kiatsu, Kinesiology and Soutai Ho for people to develop a feeling of well-being, self-esteem and being able to cope with whatever may arise in an alert yet relaxed manner and without becoming a victim.   There is an incredible depth of intuition and self- healing that arises in those open to it.

I have also assisted in some Corporate training most notably in Berlin, bringing Aiki and a sense of being able to do what was initially thought impossible to clients.

Latterly,  I have focussed on teaching Aikido to children, youth and adults up to 1st Dan and with their help, maintain the Isshinkai Head Quarters dojo and grounds (my first training was in Horticulture).  I am delighted and excited Martin Sanderson Sensei is now teaching  children, youth and young adults.

Isshinkai Aikido has opened a way for me to enjoy mind and body coming together in a most extraordinary, life enhancing way, a continuous journey of adventure to a deeper connection with the Universe, with others and with nature than I could ever have imagined.