Emile Swain Sensei

 Emile Swain, 2nd Dan

Emile Swain, 2nd Dan

Hi, my name is Emile and I'm a teacher in London. My teacher is Denis Burke Sensei, Founder of Isshinkai Aikido. I study and practice his teachings and look to share with you as much of that experience as I can. As a student myself, i'm regularly taught by Denis Burke Sensei, who you'll also get to meet at our regularly organised seminars and Summer school.

I was introduced to Aikido around 1997 by a friend at Plymouth University where I practiced until I left in 2000. After completing University I got caught up in life and a new Job in London.  It wasn't until 7 years later that I realised I hadn't really ever stopped thinking about Aikido, but thinking wasn't practicing, so i endeavoured to join a new club.

After some careful looking I found "Isshinkai Aikido" and my current Teacher who had recently started a new Isshinkai club based in Ladbroke grove. I knew from one session that this had everything I was looking for, though in retrospect I've come to appreciate I probably didn't really know what that was. However he had it and lots of it.

Having been out of practice for so long, everything had changed, so I embarked on learning everything again, which after several years lead to me passing my 1st Dan. 

With my teacher eventually leaving the London club in our hands, to concentrate on the Headquarters in Andover and a new business, I eventually took over running the regular Tuesday classes and thursday practice sessions.

Aikido is an incredible experience. I hope you'll join us to find out for yourselves.